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Varies with device
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June 4, 2020
Varies with device
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Varies with device

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In this era of sustenance and living, all individual’s need the help of technology to survive. Constant advancements in the field of science have relatively increased the need to take the support of various gadgets and machines as such. With gadgets comes the responsibility of picking the best from the lot. Day by day as multidimensional aspects of technological inputs are coming to the forefront, individuals have started to get attracted to a more specific world where they cannot function with gadgets.

In an era of devices like smartphones, Ipads, and others, more and more advancements have taken place, and it’s therefore, impossible for humans to live without a smartphone. Each one of us feels its requirement on a daily basis. The development of applications have updated the digital arena and made smartphones much handier and more useful. Most of these applications have several potential features that make it unique and versatile. Additionally, applications related to all fields like lifestyle, education, fitness, etc have made life much easier.

Today’s youth have tried to build a career out of application building which is an amazing concept. The best brains combined with the best ideas can create unimaginable applications. In the field of photography and cinematography, most smartphones are equipped with good cameras that can capture the best shot. Good cameras are also equipped with better videography functions. Therefore, a lot of applications are dedicated to creating the best videos that can be edited to the level of perfection. One such app is VivaVideo Online maker and editor. A significant study of the app is given below.

Ways In Which The Vivavideo Maker Is Different From Other Online Video Making Tools-

The latest version available for VivaVideos maker app is 7.5.2. This too is compatible with all systems and works fast and smooth. However, when compared to other video making and editing applications, vivavideo maker and editor has some special features that make it one of the best applications currently trending all over the internet. Therefore, here is a quick look at its awesome features:

  • A studio assistant-

The Vivavideo maker has a personalized studio that runs as a personal assistant. It helps to add multiple varieties of pictures as well optimize them according to several editing options that are required by the user.

  • Slideshows-

The app is also equipped with a slideshow maker that enables individuals to show the most amazing photos one by one in a glamorous way. This can happen by adding several distinct features like background music, incorporating small texts and messages and others. This rather makes the slideshow more interesting and an eye-catching one.

  • Video editor-

The app not only can make videos but also edit them manually. Individuals can upload videos via the system and there a lot of videography tools present to edit videos. From cropping to cutting and even trimming, videos can get a new makeover all over again. It’s never an easy task to edit videos and so it’s a time taking process. Other features include merging two or three videos together, inserting small clips in between videos and others.

  • Creating effects-

All videos need that shimmery look that would make it more appealing to the audience. Vivavideo maker and editor allow users to give multiple effects to the videos. There are more than 100 options available like blur, animated, fading etc that can give that extra effect needed to bring in life to the video. Additionally, one can without much effort download other effects as well and incorporate it in the videos.

  • The need for music-

While editing a video, music is a must. There are a lot of options available to add music to the videos. Background music and light sounds can effectively add to the theme of the video.

  • Exporting videos-

Users after successfully editing the videos can share it with their friends and also upload it online for viewing it by a large number of audiences. This, in turn, increases viewership and individuals feel confident enough in the video making and editing task.

The final verdict on the application:

The Vivavideo maker and editor is relatively a new app that has taken the whole digital industry by storm. The quality of videos that the app makes is of a very high standard in comparison to the other video making apps available in the market. However, individuals do need to pay an amount of rupees 500 after using the app for a period of six months. The application is great as it has everything fully customized from editing options to a large variety of themes and music to be incorporated in the videos. Additionally, it is an application that can easily be handled by all and is mobile friendly as well. Even a good internet connection is required to edit the videos online. Apart from that, no special education is required to make and edit videos. Just interest and some video making skills are enough to boost the confidence of the individual. It is therefore highly recommended to use the application for creating the best of videos online.

What Is The VivaVideomaker And Ways To Download It:

The VivaVideo Online maker and editor is an application that lets its users make and edit videos. This app is compatible with all android and IOS devices and even a PC and can run successfully after its installation. The simple ways in which Vivavideo maker can be installed is as follows-

Installing The App On An IOS Device-

For IOS device users’, downloading the application is quite simple and straightforward. Here are the steps to install the app:

  • An individual needs to visit the app store and search for the app
  • By clicking on quick download, the app will start to download.
  • Within a few minutes of its download, one has to click the install option to successfully install the app.

Installing The App For Android Users-

There need to be the same steps followed for Android users in downloading and installing the app, except that the app is available on Google play store.

Installing The VivaVideo App On A PC-

In the case of users who find it difficult to edit and make videos on the small smartphone screen, the app can easily be downloaded on a personal computer. Here are the basic steps to download the app:

  • Since there is no definite version of the app available for Windows, one needs to download Blue stacks android instead on the PC.
  • One can easily download blue stacks android by visiting the official website. This software isn’t available for play stores and app stores.
  • After all the above steps have been completed, one needs to click on my apps section located in Blue stacks.
  • After that, one needs to download the apk file specifically dedicated to VivaVideos
  • Once the file has been successfully installed, videos can be easily made and edited.
  • Individuals need to create an account for the viva video maker and sign in to store all the videos.



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